Sensory Processing

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This book is ideal for anyone working or living with small children. It provides an introduction to sensory processing and uses practical, everyday examples to illustrate how children use their sensory systems when playing and learning.

Since every child has his or her own sensory preferences, the information in the book is relevant to all children, and the activity ideas are designed to appeal to children of varying stages and abilities. The book may be especially useful in providing information to parents, carers and educators who know a child who displays unusual sensory responses, such as appearing over or under-sensitive to everyday sensory experiences.

In addition to practical tips and activities, the book also provides guidance about where to seek further help and advice if needed.

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Sensory Processing
Sensory Processing

What is Sensory Processing?

Sensory processing is the ability to use information received through the senses to understand who we are, where we are and what is going on around us. This information is used, together with knowledge from past experiences, to interpret a situation and respond appropriately.

Most people react in roughly the same way as others but some people tend to be more or less sensitive than most. In some everyday activities or environments, reacting differently to others may make it difficult for a person to participate, and may result in the person behaving in an unusual way.

It's worth noting that sometimes, 'unusual' sensory processing patterns can actually be an advantage. As parents, carers, educators and therapists, it's our challenge to help identify children's unique strengths as well as their areas of weakness, and to structure environments so that they provide the best possible 'match' for the sensory needs of the child.

Read the first chapter (PDF 1.5mb)

About The Author

Kate Pascale is an Australian Occupational Therapist who was engaged to write Can't You See I'm Sensational following years of experience working with families, parents and staff.

The development of Can't You See I'm Sensational is the result of a strong commitment from many individuals and organisations. It was originally developed as a small local project in the Melbourne municipality of Knox, with joint funding support from Knox City Council and Knox Community Health Service.

The application of Can't You See I'm Sensational has led to some oustanding results - happier, calmer and more manageable classrooms; re-energised, capable and creative teachers, parents and clinicians; and a number of children accessing the additional support they need.

About the Author
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